So you want to travel, unravel and explore the world? Be a Nomad – visit monuments and sanctuaries, feel nature, appreciate wildlife, get deep into culture, traditions and customs, understand varied mindsets, click selfies and create lifelong memories all along the journey! And why not? Travel is but one of the top do’s in the checklist of the life of an individual; even more so in the age of social media, where it probably, is the newest fad everywhere in tinsel town!
But even before we decide to pack our bags, do we actually understand what is travelling?  What are the different stages of being a Traveller? What skills constitute to flower into one? What are the necessities to be kept in mind whilst travelling? Does travelling benefit us if any? If yes, how?

Well, according to all what I could feel and discover in my explorations up to now – Travelling is a divine activity to take a breather from our regular routine – one that results in relaxation of the mind, contentment of the heart and divine joyousness of the soul at large. There are different stages of being a Traveller as depicted in Prakashvaani’s Travel Hierarchy pyramid – one could start with being a visitor and slowly graduate to become an explorer. If travel interests you, it will make sense to understand each stage albeit in brief as below:


A visitor is at the base of the pyramid. He/she is one who travels at max. For a day within the city just for a small break. Examples-people visiting zoo, parks, beaches, historical monuments etc.


A tourist is akin to a visitor but one travelling outside his/her hometown for the sheer purpose of pleasure. Examples-family vacations/couple honeymoon to hill stations, religious places, islands etc.


A pilgrim is one who typically would travel to a religious place or shrine with some definite purpose. This definite purpose could be fulfilment of some wish or just faith in the almighty. Examples-people attending Kumbh Mela, Temple Festivals, Hajj Pilgrimage and so on!


A backpacker could be called as a real traveller. He/she undertakes travels onto distant lands going deep into the culture of that place ingraining the customs/traditions and understanding the mindset of the people over there. His/her purpose is to feel the place in terms of its history, geography, cuisines, folklore etc and garner diverse experiences/stories from the locals. Examples-Fa Hien, Huang Tsang, Rahul Sankrityayan etc


The explorer is at the apex of the pyramid. He/she is one who believes and dedicates the entire life to exploration of the unexplored – phenomenon which are basically beyond the reach of the common people. They are highly adventurous, fit to the core and fearless by nature. Examples-Christopher Columbus, Vasco da Gama, Chris in the movie ‘Into the Wild’ and so on!
So, on what stage of a Traveller are you in?


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