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The Girl who was 18 years old

The Girl who was 18 years old, very shy, introvert and happy girl went to Egypt in 2016 for an Internship of 42 days from AIESEC.
Those 42 days created magic in her Life which gave her lots of Memories with sweet connections. She met the 100 different people from 20 different countries and not only just met but created life long connections with them. This journey of 42 days helped her to know herself better, know her strong points and became e better version of herself. Travelled the entire country and lived #majjani_life. Travel is Life.


This 42 days gave the answers of her every WHY which moulded her as a person from inside and from outside. She believe it’s best to know more about people, culture and everything about different beautiful countries.
The person who is today with great and strong personality is just because of  Egypt experience, the people around her and the belief she had in herself.

Her Life changed and gave lots of positive ways and love. It was started by just one internship and now it’s going and going….
She became more curious and now she has circle of connections from entire world.
For her it was

“Egypt where it all Begins”.
Travel more and more.
Go to Egypt and have beautiful experience.
If anyone has any questions or need any help contact me.

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