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Bhrigu Lake


It was the 15th June of 2016 when I got into the train for my most exciting expedition to Manali Bhrigu lake through Rajdhani Express. I started it from Ahmedabad junction and that took me seventeen hours to reach Delhi the capital of India . I had ‘N’ number of new good fantastic and also one or two bad experience in the train.

Seventeen hours in the train makes it tiresome but the excitement of travelling the new soil surpassed it all. After reaching Delhi I took the bus from Delhi to Manali enjoying the scenic beauty from the window till I reach my first destination in Manali that was ‘palchan’ .The first base camp.

The scenic beauty out there and the cold breeze at 10 in the morning makes me forget all the stress and weakness​ of vehicle journey. Now my only vehicle were my legs.

The first day at ‘palchan’ was just a free day, nothing to do. Rather than sleeping and sitting I took the walk across the base camp and gave my soul a chance to feel the peace within the breeze of nature.

On the next day I started my trek to Jogni temple after a small warm up and breathing experience. While starting, at the very first day my body was giving up but the sheer want- ‘junoon’ of getting to the top didn’t let me stop. The feeling of my last step at Jogni trek cannot be defined in words. I sat for an hour and processed my journey downwards.

While coming down I did paragliding and zorbing. Later I rested at my base on the side of campfire.

Next morning at the very first day of sun I started up my journey to Bhrigu lake, for which I was most excited at 10k feet to the sea level I took a break at the first base camp before lake Bhrigu. This time at the base camp I met a few solo travel companions of other countries. We had a night stay at the base camp discussing solo-self-travel-experience. I was inspired and excited to travel the new soil after this expedition.

On the next day I started up for the Lake Bhrigu. I took backpacks and packed lunch with me. At the top I saw lake Bhrigu. I clicked some photographs and experienced the Holiness of rishi bhrigu over there and was charged form my soul. The sole of my shoes got tore apart and had to take a barefoot walk downwards which was so painfully that can’t be describes into words.

I reached my base camp the peace of the lake Bhrigu and the swelling in my toes. I took of my torn shoes and kept my toes in warm water for some relief. I was in so much pain that I could not even go to have my dinner.

The next day I took my steps down. And started up for the Vashist kund. I had a bath in the kund and all my stress was gone, but was also dehydrated and drank in gallons.(hyperbole)

I headed straight to my hotel to take rest. Afterwards I went to kullu and did river rafting there and then took a bus for Delhi and then the train to Ahmedabad.

I felt asleep in the train with the dreams Manali and lake Bhrigu. The journey was surely tiresome but the very touch of the land there was thrilling.
It is hard to put that in words but I would say I left one piece of my heart over there. Would always travel there for eternal peace.

“Love to the land, and the Holiness of Manali ”

Tanay Vyas.




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