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Roads Through Europe

My most memorable road trip started from Wolfsburg to Harz Mountains, Germany. As it was January long, narrow V-shaped valleys of Harz were fully covered with snow. And full time snow running from sky. But the way to Harz was serpentine full of sharp turns so, I insists that if you want to go there by road you should be accompanied by a local who I is familiar with this weather. It was so much fun next day sliding through the natural slides of snow on Harz Mountain. Gluhwein which is local made wide for winter is a must try at Harz.

Our next stop from the mountains was straight to small European country, surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. It’s Luxembourg. It was a long journey to Luxembourg through Autobahn. After about 8 hours of long drive it was its soothing aura, which rejuvenated us. There is not much to visit in Luxembourg city but caves under city is very famous. As it was winter caves were not open to go through they are only open for tourist in summer. Scenic beauty of city was magnificent.


Further on road was neighbor to diamond hub of Europe and capital of Belgium-Brussels. Famous chocolate stores, waffle shops and attraction of Brussels all are in radius of 1-1.5 km in city centre. So you can stroll around streets of Brussels enjoying waffle in one hand. Just Atomium is which famous glass balls on steel structure are not in the centre. I would suggest that it would be fun if one will go to Atomium in evening so can enjoy view in sun light as well in night when Atomium is lit up by LEDs. Next city on our trip was world heritage city by UNESCO- Bruges. City is full of old structures with a modern touch. I would insist to spare one night for city because, any Tour and Travel companies do not include it. It is city of European culture if want to go far from city noise then this is the place you are looking for.


Final stop of our tour was 17th-century golden age city and now capital of Netherland- Amsterdam. I must say cycling is a hardwired to people of Amsterdam. Though we have to walk long distance to explore city canal, one can enjoy beauty of city on foot only. Canal boat safari, which is special safari in winter, was great tour on boat in canal system of Amsterdam. We went through the streets of Amsterdam in night as well but you must be above 16 for that. It was different experience for us. In sum, I would say that you will surely enjoy road trip in Europe in winter also but only if you go with your peer family members and friend. And one who is familiar with European culture would be best European road trip planner for you if you really want feel original European culture.



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