The unique place for travellers to meet, make travel plans, share travel stories & experiences over fresh roasted cup of coffee from different countries; Moreover when you visit us the coffee would be on us

day to day we showcase:

  • Travel Movies
  • Travel Documentaries
  • Travel Photography Workshop
  • Travel Videography Workshop
  • Travel Blogging Workshop
  • Travel Dance
  • Travel Games
  • Travel Talks
  • and we take people to Trip
  • each and every thing that we do is Free of Cost

Vision of Company

  • we Aim to make everyone travel the whole world Free of Cost.
  • You name and a country or a city;
  • we make you travel there and their is no obligation
  • we are now based in Ahmedabad but in coming time we are opening in many other cites in India and 30 countries worldwide
  • we would love to welcome you to La Vida – The Travel Cafe: The country we are Developing.. world of unlimited happiness where money has no value

Objective of the company:

we connect two people:

  • one who have travelled to a named place
  • second the one who wants to travel the same named place, so that they can talk travel share their experiences and stories and then travel by themselves

whatever we do:

  • we do it from our pocket and Run the Show